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Networking, automatic data capture and intelligent evaluation increases productivity sustainably and effectively. Push messages report errors that can be reacted to immediately. The live dashboard of machine statuses and the progress of orders can be viewed immediately from anywhere - that's the power of data!

Functions Overview 


Machine statuses and progress can be viewed at a glance from the office or on the go. Whether in the browser or in our apps for Android and iOS.

Message analysis

See which troubles cause you to lose how much time in production. Error frequency and downtime duration help you address the right problems and optimize your production.


You’re in a hurry and don't have much time to click through complicated dashboards? KODI only informs you via push notification when your intervention in production is necessary.


Do you skip the final calculation because of the great effort involved in recording and evaluating the data? With KODI you can see with one click which orders are paying off and where you are losing money.

Order analysis

Which orders have the most errors? Can these be prevented next time during programming? KODI also provides this information automatically and in real time.

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