Boost your Productionplanning!

KODI Optimizer takes over the complete production planning and optimizes all orders. The KODI Optimizer plans new orders in real time with reference to workforce and machine utilization. Even the skills of the employees are taken into account during planning. Fully automatic advance planning!

Functions Overview 

Adhere deadlines

KODI Optimizer plans the entire process from delivery to AVOR, cutting, bending, milling, turning, welding, painting, external awarding with fixed dates (e.g. electroplating) to assembly and delivery. Delivery dates can thus be optimally adhered to.

All work steps are planned fully automatically and within minutes, taking all other orders into account.

Optimize setup times

To save time in production, the optimizer can also optimize setup times. Using the production programs, work steps with similar tools can be consolidated. The amount of manually prepared tools can be reduced up to 50%, which significantly increases productivity and relieves employees.

Plan deviations

Deviations from plans happen from time to time. Our system replans cyclically and offers you alternatives. If the deviations are too large, you can accept a suggestion with a click of the mouse. You can deal with employee or machine failures as well as late deliveries in no time.

Play through scenarios

What would an additional shift mean for the overall planning? Would there be bottlenecks after that? Our system runs through different scenarios and you can make better decisions.

New orders

Your company already runs at full capacity and new orders are coming in? Our system plans these requests into your existing plan within minutes and shows which work steps could cause bottlenecks.

Employee skills

Every employee has special skills. These are automatically taken into account by our system.

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