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Our KODI Suite consists as a basis of the KODI Box & the KODI Monitor.

Soon our KODI Optimizer for optimization & planning will follow.

  • The new STANDARD of machine networking.
  • Manufacturer-independent - we connect all your machines.
  • Immediate visibility of errors in production.
  • Keep track of all errors and events through PUSH messages.


Our box is the basis for everything. It networks your machines from different manufacturers, your solar system, compressors, ventilation systems. If you wish, even their coffee machine. =)

Box details

KODI Monitor

With the KODI Box and the KODI Monitor you have the full digital overview of your production in real time. Everything transparent, simple and manufacturer-independent.

Monitor details

KODI Monitor simply explained

Patrick from KODI shows you how easy it is to use the KODI monitor.

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