Energie [saving] booster!

Save energy & CO2 with KODI Energy. Making standby and maximum consumers visible has enormous savings potential. Self-produced energy is used in operations and even greater savings are possible through intelligent advance planning. More efficiency through transparency: The “all-in-one” energy management & production planning tool!



Functions Overview 

Energy transparency “to go”

With KODI Energy you always have an overview of all consumers and producers. Historical and with tendency. Be aware of where the energy is being used and create the basis for reducing consumption.

Active energy management

KODI Energy doesn’t only collect data, it also controls electric consumers in real time, so that you can use energy as cost-effectively as possible. Save on electricity costs by using the available energy intelligently.

Increase self-consumption

Thanks to our intelligent real-time control, your own consumption of solar power can be increased. Weather forecasts and other forecast data enable flexible loads to be switched on at the right moment or energy to be stored without causing any loss.

Store energy temporarily

Store energy in a form that can later be used in production. An example is the storage of solar power in the form of compressed air or nitrogen. Since these media types are flexible, the timing of production can be determined based on the amount of energy available.

Feedback control

If, despite all the measures, you still feed energy back into the grid, our feedback regulation will find the optimal time to sell your electricity at a good price. This happens automatically according to your specifications via the connection to trading platforms.

Standby Detection

KODI Energy automatically detects unnecessary power consumption. Through a control system, devices in standby are automatically disconnected from the network and reactivated when needed.

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